air cargo

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air cargo

air cargo

■Shipping companies we use

▣sea cargo: UMAC (Philippines only) 

▣Air shipping: EMS/UPS/DHL/Fedex 

◎ Claim weight?

*The higher of actual weight and volumetric weight
◎Shipping cost calculation method
(It is calculated as the higher weight among actual weight and volumetric weight)
*EMS: (width * length * height / 6,000).
*DHL: (width * length * height / 5,000).
*fedex: (width * length * height / 5,000).
*UPS: (width * length * height / 5,500).

◎ Deposit confirmation
*DHL/UPS: (deposit before 3:00 PM: next day delivery / payment after 3:00 PM: delivery 2 days after payment)
*EMS: (Same-day delivery until 3:00 PM)
*Fedex: (Same-day shipment until 11:00 AM / Deposit after 11:00 AM: next day shipment)
◎pick-up time from the courier
DHL/UPS(Domestic shipping cost is already included in total shipping cost.)
It is not picked up in our area, so it is delivered to each delivery company's office through domestic delivery. (next day delivery)
*Same-day pick-up from the carrier by 3pm
More information about shipping can be found on our website (top menu Policy).

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how to track ups

1) Check Tracking No starting with 1Z

  2)You can inquire at the UPS site below.


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