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  • Jihyo - 1st Mini Album ZONE [Normal]+withmuu pob
    Jihyo - 1s

[Random out of 3] The amount varies according to the order quantity. Please click on the quantity you would like to order.You cannot order only pob, you can order in the same quantity as the album

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Jihyo - 1st Mini Album ZONE [Normal]+withmuu pob 요약정보 및 구매

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  • Jihyo - 1st Mini Album ZONE [Normal]+withmuu pob

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지효 - 미니 1집 ZONE [일반반][3종 중 랜덤발송]C712937425_P.jpg 

[More information] 1) General class [Album components] - 3 photo books - Photo card (random 2 out of 12 types) - 3 types of CD-R - Message poster (1 random out of 3 types) - Interview mini book (random 1 out of 3) - Bookmark (random 1 out of 3 types) - Folding poster (random 1 out of 3 types) - 1 type of lyrics sticker pack [Pre-order bonus (common)] - 3 types of photo film - 3 posters 


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